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Volunteer Manual- Part One

Signing In
It is critical that you stop at the office and sign-in so there is a record of your service. We need to know who is in our school building at all times.  Every volunteer will need to sign in at the front office. When you sign in make sure to put on your volunteer badge so you are recognized as a volunteer in the building. Wear your volunteer badge at all times when you are in the building. When your responsibilities are completed sign out at the office and turn in your volunteer badge.

          Once you are placed in a volunteer position, you become an important part of the school educational team. Please arrive on time. The children will be looking forward to seeing you, as will the teachers. If you do need to be absent during your scheduled time, please contact the school office so that other arrangements can be made for the work you were scheduled to do and/or you can schedule another day or timeto come in . If you wish to cease being a volunteer at any time, please notify your teacher or the principal.
Be a Good Ambassador
As a volunteer you represent the school. Not just ‘on the job’, but everywhere in the community. Help us get the word out about the good things being done at YACS, answer questions when you can, or suggest people call the school for more information. Most importantly, don’t speak negatively about the school, the staff, or students. If you do have concerns about anything happening in the school take them up with the principal.

Emergency Response
           During your orientation you will be alerted to fire and other emergency signals. As you may be in the building during a drill or even a crisis, it’s important that you know how to evacuate the building or respond to an emergency situation.  Remember to respond to a drill in the same manner as expected in an  actual emergency.

Personal Safety
          We want to ensure you that you are safe and secure in the school facilities. Please park in the front or upper parking lot, but not in fire lanes or the handicapped area. You may want to lock your valuables in your vehicle, as we have no place in the school to secure them.
          In terms of exposures to infectious organisms borne in the blood or other body fluids, remember that the risk of infection due to such exposures is VERY LOW. Your own unbroken skin is an excellent barrier to such organisms. However, to reduce the potential risk of infection, please obtain assistance from trained employees in any situation where bodily fluids are exposed. As a general rule; “If it’s wet, and not yours, don’t touch it!”         
          If direct skin contact with blood and/or body fluids does occur, scrub hands and other affected skin areas thoroughly with soap and running water as soon as feasible. Make sure to keep cuts and open wounds covered with clean bandages at all times.

Appropriate Conduct
          As a member of the educational team at our school it is important to play by the same rules as others on your team. All employees and students of our school are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes respect for self and others, responsibility for student achievement, and the creation of a positive and safe learning environment.  You can do this by abiding by the school rules, by committing yourself to considerate behaviors, respectful language, and appropriate touch. Remember appropriate touches generally occur on the shoulder, arm, and hand (refer to pg. 28,“Touching a Student”).
          We understand that many decisions about dress and citizenship have changed in the world and in the church and these are personal decisions we each make. In order to create a consistent atmosphere for all students, the school maintains rules that must be followed by all staff and volunteers. While you are volunteering, please be sure your behaviors are in compliance with the classroom and school policies. What does this mean? It means you won’t bring coffee or a coke into the school, your clothes will be modest and professional, and all jewelry will be removed except your wedding ring. (See Student Handbook.)
Problem Resolution
          Should you encounter a problem or conflict with a parent, school staff, or classroom situation it should be directed to the principal or other appropriate personnel immediately. Refrain from discussing the problem with others. Confidentiality is needed in every situation.

Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment
           YACS is committed to providing students with a positive and safe learning environment and we follow federal and state guidelines to ensure that we do not tolerate discriminatory or harassing behaviors in our school. Harassment is defined as any act based on race, creed, religion, disability, nationality, origin, gender, sex, or age that substantially interferes with an individual’s educational or work performance. It is illegal.
           Harassment consists of unwanted or uninvited sexual comments, advances, cartoons, and innuendoes, racial or gender slurs or jokes, intimidation, bullying, retaliation, etc. It can occur between an adult and a child, between two adults, or between two children. If an incident occurs, we will make every effort to stop the behavior and see that it does not occur again.
           If you become aware of a behavior that might constitute harassment, report it immediately to the teacher or principal so that it can be addressed. Make sure to examine your own behaviors and word choices closely. Sometimes, adults forget that phrases like, “You throw like a girl.” are inappropriate.
Information to Remember
1. The safety of students is the first concern of Yakima Adventist Christian School.
2. Each time you volunteer, sign in and record your hours in the volunteer book located in the office and pick up your ID badge.
3. Observe all school policies about school citizenship, dress, emergency drills, etc. Exhibit professionalism and high moral standards at all times while performing your duties.  Remember you are a role model for the students.
4. All staff and volunteers should use the staff restrooms, down the little hall by the 1-2 grade classroom.
5. Share any concerns you have about your assignment with your teacher or the principal.