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How often do you want to volunteer?
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What type of volunteer work are you interensted in?
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  Do you have any injuries, illnesses or physical limitations we should be aware of?
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          The information contained in this form is current to the best of my knowledge. I understand that this is for strictly volunteer positions, and I expect no remuneration for services and time volunteered.

          I authorize any persons giving a reference or churches listed in this form to disclose information that they may have regarding my character and fitness for serving as a volunteer at YakimaAdventistChristianSchool. I hereby release any individual, church, or organization from any and all liability for damages which may result to me, my heirs, or family for compliance with this authorization, and agree that the school may maintain this information. My signature on this form confirms my understanding and agreement that: In the event that allegations of criminal or sexual misconduct arise regarding my conduct while I serve in a volunteer capacity, the school will fully cooperate with any investigation. I further state that I have carefully read the foregoing release and understand the contents, and that I sign this release at my own free act. This is a legally binding agreement, which I have read and understand.
          Further, I will participate in regular volunteer orientation and/or training programs conducted by the school. I have read and agree to follow the Guidelines for Volunteers, and I give my consent for the criminal history record check.

Please be sure you have answered the questions.  Uncomplete applications will not be accepted.
  By emailing this form I agree that each statement is true and that I have answered each question to the best of my ability.