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            The school has crisis and safety plans. These plans are designed by the collaborative efforts of school staff, local law enforcement, emergency management, and public health officials. The plans are regularly reviewed and updated and include procedures to respond to a variety of crisis situations.
            Students and staff will practice several types of drills associated with specific emergencies on a regular basis during the school year. Drills are important to build confidence and trust, build in automatic responses, and to practice and learn.
            Emergency and crisis situations can happen at any time so it is very important for you to keep your family contact information current. Notify the school office every time there is a change. Included in this information should be an up-to-date list of which friends and family members are authorized to pick up your student, with their current contact information. In emergency evacuations, students will be released to individuals on the authorized pick-up list only.
            In order for our emergency response plans to be effective, we must depend on the cooperation and assistance of many people, such as the police and fire departments. We also depend upon the parents of our students to support our disaster response efforts. Your cooperation is vital to helping us protect the safety and welfare of all children and our school employees.
            More specific information and instructions are available in the student handbook, pages 26-28.