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7-8 Grade Supply List
You need:
* LOTS of pencils. Also you will need pens, a few highlighters, and colored pencils.
(You may not hand in assignments in any color other than black, blue or pencil lead!)
* Get about 6 or 8 single subject spirals. You will be starting the year with 3 of them.
* A small desk dictionary will be of help to you.
* Math supplies including graph paper, a calculator, and a protractor/ruler.
* A Bible.
* A digital camera (This does not need to be an expensive one!)
* Glue. The clear blue glue is NOT a good option.
* Dry erase markers & eraser
* Red pens
* Approved
PE Attire.

Items for classroom needs. (These will be stashed for use by the class throughout the year.)

1 ream of copy paper per family
1 large box of Kleenex per student
1 package of college-ruled notebook paper per family

Please note: Some students find it hard to not dissect their calculators etc. Students finding a need to borrow supplies from other students on a routine basis will be provided with their own inexpensive items and the student billed.