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Every month we will be involved in outreach.  Some of the activities will include sharing food with those in need, Operation Christmas Child, and visiting the food bank, local nursing/retirement homes and our school neighbors.

Classroom Celebrations

Yes, God has given us lots of reasons to celebrate!  As a class we will celebrate birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  Valentine’s Day is typically celebrated with outreach rather than with cards and candy for classmates.  We try to focus more on sharing God’s love with others.  (Halloween and other secular holidays need to be celebrated outside of class.)

Kindergarten Fun

Field Trips:  Kindergarten has some sort of field trip activity every month.  It may include visiting a local business, singing at a local retirement home, walking on the Greenway, watching elk being fed, or just plain going somewhere to have fun!

Wacky Wednesday:  The second Wednesday of every month will be a “Wacky Wednesday” - a fun day filled with theme related activities.  Many include a field trip!  Some examples include Apple Day, Chef Day, Snow Day, Career Day, and Pet Day.
Star of the Day:  Kindergartners take turns being the “Star” of the day.  The “Star” gets to be teacher's special helper and help lead in numerous classroom activities throughout the day.

Person of the Week:  Every child will have the chance to be the person of the week.  During the week we will learn more about the child through items brought from home and activities we do in class.  I will send specific information home letting you know what to expect prior to your child’s turn.  
Some of the fun activities each child gets to take part in on his/her special week include...