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Dress Code
     Academic Attire

      The goal of the Yakima Adventist Christian School Academic Attire Policy is to help students dress with modesty, neatness, and professionalism.  Since school life prepares  students to take their place in adult life, these requirements are expected of all students.  Compliance with the academic attire policy is a prerequisite to class attendance.  Non-compliant  students will be sent to the office and asked to call home for a change of clothing.
      All clothing must fit appropriately, be free from holes, rips, and paint, and be loose enough to allow free movement and not draw attention to the shape of one’s body or show any skin or underwear while sitting, bending, or standing.

Polo-style or other collared shirt, no T-shirts.
May be long, three-quarter or short sleeved. 
Shirts with tails must be tucked in.
Must be long enough to cover the midriff when arms are raised and modest when standing, sitting, or bending.
May be any color with a small trademark logo only, no slogans, images, or graphics.

May be slacks, cords, or chinos (Docker-style), pleated or  flat-front.
Must be properly fitted at the natural waist with no skin or  underwear showing.
Grades K-6 only may wear jeans as long as they are not any shade of blue, stonewashed, or distressed and pants with an
   elastic waistband that are not gathered at the ankle, although they may not be athletic attire such as nylon type materials.
Girls Dresses/Skirts/Jumpers

No blue denim, jean, or overall style.
Worn with approved shirt/blouse.
Dresses must have a collar or finished neckline at the collarbone.
Hem must be no shorter than the top of the knee.
Warm weather wear

Walking shorts, bermudas (no more than three inches above the knee), and capris are acceptable from opening day to 
  October 31 and April 1 to the closing of school. 

No basketball shorts, jean shorts or cut-offs, or sweat pants may be worn.
Sweatshirts, Blazers, Sweaters, Vests

The school sweatshirt is recommended, otherwise the sweatshirt should be plain or with small trademark logo only, no
   images, or graphics.

Sweaters may be cardigan, crewneck, or v-neck in style.
All shirts/dresses worn under blazers, sweaters, or vests must meet YACS attire policy.

Jackets, coats, or outer vests that zip, button, or snap may be any color or style without slogans, images, or cartoon

All garments that are worn underneath outerwear must meet apparel policy.
Other Requirements

Gym wear is to be worn for PE class only.  Such clothing includes items such as aerobic wear, leotards, and spandex which
   is not classroom attire.

. Non-marking shoes are to be worn at all times in the school building.  Non-marking running or cross training shoes are to be
   worn in the gym for play and for PE.  Sandals may be worn if they have a heel strap.  Flip flops are not acceptable footwear
   for school.

Hair is to be kept clean, trimmed, out of the eyes, of natural color, and should not attract undue attention.
. Make-up is to be natural and in good taste.  Natural tone fingernail and toenail polish may be worn.
While the wearing of jewelry is a personal decision, it is not to be worn at YACS.  Jewelry such as rings, bracelets, chains,
   earrings, and necklaces should be left at home.  This includes “WWJD” jewelry.  Jewelry worn to school is subject to
   confiscation and will be returned to parents.
7-10 Grade PE Attire

Gym wear is to be worn for PE Class only. 
Loose-fitting short or long sleeve t-shirts  or sweatshirts that cover the midriff when arms are fully raised.
Modest shorts, athletic pants, or sweatpants.
Shoes must be non-marking running or cross-training shoes.
It is recommended that 7-10 grade students have a small lock (shackle <¼”) for the PE bins.
Non-compliant students will be sent to the office and asked to call home for a change of clothing.

Any issues not covered in this policy will be interpreted by the administration.
~Revised 2012