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History, 1903-1915
       In 1903 the first North Yakima Seventh-day Adventist School was established in a two-room building located at the southeast corner of North Kittitas Avenue and “D” Street4, only two blocks from the church.  The building also served as a commercial laundry5 and rented for $7.50 a month6.  Brother Herbert Gillis was the teacher the first year at the new school4.
        Miss Ethel Sapp began teaching at the school in 1905
7.  Streetcars (trolleys) began being used in the Valley in 1907.  They made it possible for students coming from Selah to travel to school on their own; even though the closest stop was two miles away from the school.  In 1908, North Kittitas Avenue was renamed North 4th Avenue8.  That year the North Yakima Church board voted to hire “a good teacher for $40.00 a month and she would pay for her own board.”9  Miss Anna Johnson was hired. 
        When the church at “B” Street and North 4th Avenue suffered from a   roof fire in 1908, the church met in the “school house” for several weeks while church members repaired the church.    In 1910, anticipating further growth, the church purchased property at 11 North 11th Avenue for a new church
10.  That year, the North Yakima Church hired another new teacher, Sister Hannah Boyson.11   A 1911 Gleaner states that 25 students were enrolled that year at the North Yakima School.
        At this time we don’t have a record of who taught in 1912.  Another teacher apparently wasn’t found during the summer to begin the 1913 school year.  Without a teacher, the church did not make the decision to open the school until October.  With twenty-six students wanting to go to church school, Mrs. E.N. Sargeant, the pastor’s wife agreed to start the school year, with the understanding that the North Yakima Church would find a permanent teacher as soon as possible.
12  On October 22, 1913, L.J. Weese was pressed into service.  By January 1914, enrollment had increased to forty-seven.  According to the Gleaner, the “sisters [at the North Yakima Church] here gave a shower to the teacher.  ‘For had he not come among us too late to secure fruit for canning for the winter?’  So a ‘shower’ of canned fruit, jellies, jams, etc. also potatoes, turnips, parsnips, squashes, etc., began to fall Thanksgiving Day and the ‘shower’ continues.  Some improvements have been made in the schoolroom, but we are greatly in need of new seats …We have organized our school into a Junior Missionary Volunteer Society and considerable interest is being manifested on the part of the pupils.  We are of good courage, feeling certain that God is training…these children…”12
        Effie Booth was the principal and teacher at the North Yakima Seventh-day Adventist School during the 1914-1915 school year.  In 1915, when Lucy Andrus became principal, the North Yakima School had 47 students.       
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