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New School Miracles
          God has led Adventist leaders in the Yakima Valley.  The planning and construction of our new facility is proof of His guidance.  Some of the miracles seen during the eleven months of the building project were:
  • OIC (Opportunities Industrialization Center) of Yakima offered to buy the Fruitvale facility for more than the appraised value and without the services of a Realtor.
  • Classes were allowed to continue at the Fruitvale school for 15 months after the purchase and during the new construction.
  • OIC paid an additional $350,000 down payment just when the school needed the money to purchase the new property on City Reservoir Road.
  • The City Reservoir property was not on the market, but the owners accepted our offer, which was less than they were offered for the parcel just a year earlier.
  • Yakima County accepted the School's proposal to install a septic system.
  • A left turn lane was not required on Peck's Canyon
  • The school was required to pave only 150 feet of City Reservoir Road
  • The School was allowed to connect to city water system rather than the more costly Nob Hill Water District.
  • Hundreds of untrained volunteers helped with the building project and there were no serious injuries.1
             Snow was a major concern as the forms for the foundation was being laid.  The additional work to remove the snow as well as the ground getting too wet to work was brought to the Lord in prayer.  The forms were completed and the concrete poured on Friday, December 12, 1997.  The following day snow began to fall.  The Lord's timing is perfect!
          Doing concrete work in the winter is a very delicate procedure.  Special chemicals are added to the concrete, but the temperature still needs to remain mild.  The week before the foundation was poured, temperatures remained above freezing.  The following week temperature again dropped.  The same thing happened a few weeks later when the slab was poured.
          One day in early January 1998, the concrete for the first tilt-up wall in the gym was scheduled to be pumped.  Everything was ready, but the weatherman predicted rain all day, which would have damaged the wall.  Tom Gardner, the project manager, called the school first thing in the morning and explained the situation.  The staff and students had prayer, asking the Lord to keep the rain away.  Clouds threatened all day as the student body continued to pray.  Only after the blankets we spread over the concrete, six hours later did the rain begin to fall.
          We praise God for His faithfulness and His guidance!  He has blessed us with a beautiful facility as well as caring, Christian teachers who strive to introduce our Lord Jesus as a friend to each student.  We pray that God continues to bless us as we train students to become a light for Him in the world.

1  Ron Wilkinson Report at Yakima Mini-Campmeeting, Sept. 1998