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          In 1908, the North Yakima Church rented the school building for $7.50 a month.  The original Brookside School cost $18,000.00.  Our new facility on City Reservoir Road cost a total of $2,323,316.00.
          In 1908, a teacher made $40.00 a month.  The teacher's salary dropped during the depression to $35.00 a month.  In 2003 a starting teacher makes approximately $2,590.00 a month.
          In 1908, one teacher taught in one classroom.  Two teachers taught 61 students in the basement of the 11th Avenue Church in 1929.  Brookside Junior Academy was the 10th largest school in the conference in 1961 with 56 students.  The students had four teachers in the upstairs part of the Brookside building.  By 2003, we have seven full time teachers, one administrator, five auxillary staff members, as well as 45+ part-time parent volunteers in a beautiful 24,808 square foot school with 115 students.
          Mr. Hempel the head teacher, had to go to the church board in 1934 for approval to buy four brooms and two thermometers.  In 2003, the constituent churches approved  $451,910.00 as the school operating budget and support the school directly with $101,552.85 in subsidy.
          There is no record of tuition expense in the earliest years of our school.  In 1921, the church limited the family tuition to $10.00 a month.  In 1932, the tuition rate changed to $2.00 for the first child and $1.00 for other children in the family, not to exceed $5.00 a month.  In 1949, monthly tuition was $5.00 for elementary and $11.50 for high school students.  Today tuition for a constituent ranges from $200 a month for kindergarten to over $300 a month for high school. 

Changes in Our Name
1903 North Yakima Seventh-day Adventist School
1923 Yakima Seventh-day Adventist Church School
1938  Brookside Junior Academy
1962 Yakima Junior Academy
1978 Yakima Adventist Junior Academy
1995 Yakima Adventist Christian School

written September 2003 for our 100 year anniversary