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Recruiting Bonus

This bonus is intended to be given to the family that recruits a student who would not be attending YACS if it hadn't been for the recruiter's encouragement.

  1. The recruiting family will receive 10% of the new student's tuition during the first year, as a discount on their tuition bill.
  2. New students must be accepted through YACS policy.
  3. New students can not receive YACS financial aid, although financial aid from their church is allowed.
  4. New students must continue to be in good standing.
  5. Discount will be applied to the recruiter's bill April 25th and May 25th.
For example:
John Smith's family attends your church and they haven't sent their child to YACS before.  You have told them the benefits of YACS and they decide to pursue enrollment.  Mr. Smith's children are tested and accepted into grades 1, 4, and 7.  They family's total monthly tuition is $844, which is more than they can afford so they apply to their church for financial aid and receive $300 a month help.  The students stay in school all year.  You, as the recruiter, will receive a $422 credit in April and a $422 credit in May.