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First Year Discount



  1. Only available for students who have not attended YACS* before (in grades 1 through 10) and are paying the full non-discounted tuition rate.
  2. Tuition must be kept current.
  3. The regular early payment tuition discount can still be used (3%, 5%, 10% if paid by the 5th of the month).
  4. 20% New Student Discount will be applied at the end of the school year (The last two months are free!).

*Students entering first grade who attended YACS Kindergarten and/or Preschool are eligilble for the First Year Discount if they are paying the full non-discounted tuition rate.



For Example:
Jane Doe works with you.  You have shared your appreciation of the YACS curriculum with her and she decided to pursue enrollment for her second grade child.  After testing the student is accepted and enrolled at YACS for the entire year.  Jane Doe’s tuition payment is $380 a month.  Since she pays by the 5th each month she receives a $11.40 discount.  The student is enrolled all year and has stayed current so Jane Doe doesn’t have to pay any tuition for May and June.  Since Jane Doe sent her daughter because you encouraged her, you will receive the
recruiting bonus (a tuition discount) of $190 in April and $190 in May.