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We are so excited to have your child(ren) as part of the YACS school family!  Here are a few important things to know about our classroom -
School Supplies: 
You will be billed $60 for school supplies. This fee will help cover the costs of pencils, erasers, glue, markers, scissors, craft supplies, etc.
Your child will need a sturdy backpack to carry items to and from school each day.  Please make sure it is large enough to fit your child’s lunchbox along with any LARGE library books and a school folder securely inside.

Snack Time: 
Kindergarten has a time for snack every morning.  We have a Snack Center in the classroom that your child may purchase snacks from OR you may send a healthy item from home each day.  Please be sure the snack is brain friendly - veggies, dried or fresh fruit, crackers, granola bars…

Lunch Time:
We have lunch at school in kindergarten every day - even early release days.  Check the calendar for the Hot Lunch schedule.  You may pay for Hot Lunch and Pizza Slices daily or purchase tickets from the office.  
Sack Lunch:  Include healthy items that your child would typically eat at home for lunch.  Chips, gummy treats, cookies, and food covered in chocolate are better left for home.  We do have a microwave for heating food and hot water available here in the classroom.  Please send items that have already been prepared and just need a quick warming since we have limited time to eat. 
Hot Lunch:  YACS hot lunches are always vegetarian, very good, and only cost $3. The menu will be posted on-line and printed in the weekly Home-Word that goes home every Friday.
Pizza Fridays:  On Fridays (except early release days) we have slices of cheese pizza available for $1.50/slice. 
What to have your child wear:
Please be sure to write your child’s name on his/her backpack, lunch box, jackets . . . everything that regularly comes to school.  It is amazing how many items end up in our lost and found!
If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call.
Many Blessings,
Denise Carey