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     Don Brassington begin teaching in Yakima in 2014. He is teaching 7-8 grade homeroom, 5-10 grade science, 9-10 grade PE, and 10th grade health. 
      Mr. Brassin
gton a relaxed, energetic science teacher who is genuinely interested in his students' spiritual welfare. Involving his students in fun, science-related learning activities in the classroom. He enjoys challenging each student to broaden his or her scope of learning through relevant labs and outdoor-learning adventures. Don has been teaching science for over 25 years and looks forward to spending eternity with former students, friends, and family.
The Brassington family is made of Don, his wife Colleen, their three sons Jacob, Jonathan, and Conner, and their only daughter Elisabeth. 


     The 7-8 grade joins the 9-10 grade every September to go to the Leadership Retreat at Camp Dudley. Students learn what it means to be an upper gradesman and mentor to the yournger students.
         The class goes on a Geology Trip every other year, with the goal of learning about God's wonderful creation through the land around us.

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