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Class Supplies


K-4 Grade
1. A backpack that is big enough to carry your lunch and library books.
2. Two large boxes of tissues (Kleenex or similar). 

5-6 Grade
1.  NIV Bible ~ Please be sure it is the regular version, not the children's version, because we
     read it together in Bible class.
2.  A sturdy backpack that will hold a binder, books, and possibly your lunch.
3.  PE Sneakers ~ Running or cross-training style PE shoes are required for all PE activities and
     recess. Students do not need to have an extra pair of sneakers to change into and may wear
     these during class time.
4.  Two large boxes of tissues (Kleenex or similar).

7-8 Grade
A Bible
2.  Assignment notebook.
LOTS of pencils. Also you will need pens, a few highlighters, and colored pencils.
    (You may not hand in assignments in any color other than black, blue or pencil lead!)
4.  Six or eight single subject spirals. You will be starting the year with 3 of them.
5.  A small desk dictionary will be of help to you.
6.  A red, green, and blue pen (for English).

7.  Math supplies including graph paper, a calculator, and a protractor/ruler.
8.  Glue. The clear blue glue is NOT a good option.
9.  Approved PE Attire
10.  A lock for your PE bin with a 1/4" or smaller shackle.  

Items for classroom needs. (These will be stashed for use by the class throughout the year.)
1 ream of copy paper
2 large boxes of tissues (Kleenex or similar)
1 package of college-ruled notebook paper 

9-10 Grade
1.  Bible (a readable yet accurate version like NIV or my favorite NLV is preferred)

2.  Assignment notebook
3.  Lined paper
4.  Graph paper
5.  Spiral notebook (for English)
6.  Folders for keeping assignments for different classes
7.  3-brad folder for History Current Events Logs
8.  Pencils, erasers, extra lead
9.  Pens
10.  Correcting pens (red)
11.  Compass (10th grade)
12.  Protractor (10th grade)
13.  Ruler (straight edge)
14.  2 large boxes of tissues (Kleenex or similar) for the classroom

Recommended:  Jump Drive or Thumb Drive

PE 9-10
1.  PE clothes for any activity indoors or out.

2.  PE shoes that will not come off during activities
A lock for your PE bin with a 1/4" or smaller shackle
4.  A pair of football, baseball, or soccer shoes, if possible
5.  Shin guards
6.  A mountain bike and a road bike. Start looking for one to borrow, if you don't have one. You
     will be using one in the fall and one in the spring.