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On Friday, May 6, 2016, I will be participating in the annual Fun Run at Yakima Adventist Christian School.  It’s an amazing event that allows students to exercise and raise donations in support of our school.  This year’s funds will be used for improving our school’s technology program, many school events, and marketing. 
I’m excited for this fun event as my personal goal is to raise $ and run/walk   laps.  Any amount that you can pledge to help me reach my goal is appreciated.  Please fill in the form below if you can help.

Top boy and girl runners in each class receive a special award!
Top fundraiser in each class will also receive a special award!

Thank you! 
Runner’s Name     Grade
I would love to support you and your school.  I am enclosing a tax deductible donation of:
     $1.00 per lap
     $5.00 per lap
     $10.00 per lap
     $20.00 per lap
     Lump Sum

Name                Phone   


City, State, Zip          

How to donate to the Fun Run.
1. Fill out this form, print, and mail to the school.
2. Email the form to the school with your pledge.
3. Call the school we can accept your credit card or debit card information for payment. 

Please make your check payable to:   YACS
Mail to: 1200 City Reservoir Rd
            Yakima WA 98908
Phone: 509.966.1933