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Our goal is that finances will not inhibit families who appreciate our vision and valuesfamilies who are willing to sacrifice, and families who prioritize their children's education.

Please contact the school for more information about student assistance and the appropriate forms.

Financial Information
Tuition for the school year may be paid in ten equal payments, each of which is due and payable by the 15th of each month. Current students pay $125 of the registration fee by March 15. The balance of the registration and class fees are due July 15. The first of the ten monthly tuition payments will be billed on August 25th. The last payment will be billed on May 25th and will be due on June 5th.

We offer a 
​First Year Discount for new, non-discounted students entering grades K-10.
The fourth student in a family will receive a 70% tuition discount. The fifth or more student in the family will be free.
​Full time students will receive a discount when their bill is paid in full by the 5th of the month. Early payment discounts will be as follows: 1 student = 3%, 2 student = 5%, 3 students = 10%. There is no early payment discount for already discounted students or less than full-time students. 

Yearly Fees
There is a yearly registration fee for all students. Yearly fees include book rentals, workbook purchases, computer lab costs, vocational supplies, student liability insurance, library books, testing fees, school shirts, and the school annual. The yearly fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. The registration fee for preschool through 
kindergarten is $305; for grades 1 through 4 is $330; for grades 5 through 8 is $345; nd for grades 9 through 10 is $395. The registration fee is due before school begins.

Classroom Fees (updated for 2016-2017)
Classroom supplies will be provided for grades K-6. There will be an art and supply fee of $60.00 for K-6. Grades 5-6 will be charged a $15.00 science fee and an additional $125 for outdoor school. The 7-8 grades will be charged $85 as a supply, lab, and trip fee. The 9-10 grades will be charged $110 as a class, lab, and trip fee. The 10th grade will also be charged $40.00 for required materials for the essential living skills class. The payment of classroom fees is due in July. 

Kindergarten Program
The kindergarten academic program will be taught in the morning. Students staying for the afternoon will have group activities to further develop large and small motor skills and enhance socialization skills as well as instruction to reinforce academic concepts.  Parents have the option to sign up for the half day program and still have their student stay all day one or more days a week. Contact the office or teacher for more information.

Our goal is to make monthly tuition payments affordable for all families that desire to have their children at YACS. Please make an appointment for an Eudcational Consultation and we can discuss tution payment options in person. 

Guidelines for Tuition Payments
Tuition must be paid in full by the 15th of each month. Tuition is past due by the 16th of the month. If you are unable to make your monthly payment, please contact the office immediately. The following is the procedure for past due accounts:
1.   On the 16th of the month a letter will be sent stating payment is late.
2.   If payment is not sent by the 30th of the month a letter will be sent stating that unless payment or satisfactory arrangements have been made, students will be asked to stay home at the beginning of the next quarter.
3.   If arrangements have not been made on the outstanding bill the name of the responsible party for payment may be sent to the Yakima Credit Bureau for delinquent account.
4. It is the policy of the schools within the North Pacific Union Conference to withhold transcripts of academic credit until tuition is paid.

I necessary, arrangments can be deliberated and requested on a case-by-case basis. These arrangements are to include a written document stating the payment plan that needs to include maintaining current payments while paying a certain amount of the previous balance. Arrangements are to be overseen by the principal and the finance committee chairman.

Financial Assistance
The Yakima Adventist Christian School office has tution assistance forms available that may be submitted to your home church. The school does not take action on applications that have not been forwarded from the church.

Financial assistance is available to all current and new students if they qualify. Please contact the school office or your church for more information and the necessary forms. Forms should be turned in to the church or school by June 1.

Transcripts will not be forwarded until fees are paid in full. Eighth grade students may not receive their diplomas unless the family tuition account and graduation fees are paid in full.

Damaged or Lost Items
School property that is misused, broken, or destroyed will be charged to those responsible. Such charges will be added to the student's account and must be paid.  The schoolbooks furnished by the school and rented to the student will be checked and evaluated at the beginning and close of the school year by the student's teacher. A student whose books have been marred beyond normal use will be charged according to the extent of damage.  Full payment will be required for all books lost. Full payment will be required for all library books not returned to the school.