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Attendance, Grading, & Report Card

Since the school must follow the educational requirements of the General Conference and be in harmony with state authorities, attendance at all school sessions is compulsory. It is expected that parents will see that the students are in punctual attendance at all times.

Inclement Weather Policy
If it seems advisable to close school for reasons of inclement weather conditions, an announcement to this effect will be given to radio station KIT (1280AM) and KNDO-TV (23)  There is also a link from the YACS homepage.  YACS will generally follow the Yakima School District delayed start or snow day closure decisions.  When driving is hazardous, those who live great distances from school are urged not to bring their children and risk an accident.  A written excuse must be given to the school for all weather related absences for it to be excused.  A call, written, or oral excuse from the parent (or driver) is necessary for all weather related tardies to be excused.  An absence thus incurred and excused will be given for students to make up any work missed during the time they were absent or tardy.

Other than weather related absences, the only valid excuse for absences from school are sickness of the pupil, or attendance at the funeral of a family member, or an unavoidable medical appointment.  An absence will not be excused for any other reason.  For students' protection, parents are expected to telephone the office by 9:00 a.m. in case of absences.

To excuse an absence the student must bring a valid written note to school giving the reason for absence and signed by the student's parent, guardian, or doctor.  Written excuses brought in later than the third day after an absence will not be accepted, and the absence will stand unexcused. 

When a pupil is absent he/she has as many days to make up schoolwork as he/she was absent, and it is the student's responsibility to obtain the assignments and make up the work.

Appointments during the school day are discouraged.  If an appointment is unavoidable the student must bring a note from their parent to their teacher and the parent must sign their child out at the office when picking up their child.  No student will be dismissed from class unless these steps have been followed.

If you are not at school or at a school field trip you will be counted as absent.  Absences due to family vacations will be unexcused.  Students will receive a zero on daily work but will be required to make up tests, projects, and labs in the same number of days as they were absent or by the end of the quarter, which ever is first.  A total of 15% absences (27 days) during the school year may forfeit the student's grade.

“Unexcused absences mean that a student was not in school and failed to meet the policy for excused or prearranged absences. Five unexcused absences within a calendar month or ten within a school year require the filing of a petition with the juvenile court reporting violation of the compulsory attendance laws.” (RCW 28.A.225.020 and 28.A225.030)

Pre-Arranged Absences
Students miss a vital portion of their education when they are absent from school.  While it is possible to make up written work, class instruction, presentations, discussion, some audio-visual presentations, and student teacher interaction may never be made up.

Planned absences for unique family situations must be arranged with the staff at least ten days in advance of the absence.  Pre-arranged absences are not to conflict with scheduled major school events (i.e. music programs and trips). Obtain a Pre-Arranged Absence Form from the office.

Punctuality is an essential development of character.  Tardiness becomes a way of life. The student is encouraged to be punctual to all classes. Three tardies will result in a conference between the teacher and the student. Six tardies will necessitate a conference with the parent, student and principal, and other appropriate actions may have to be taken.  Three unexcused tardies equals one absence and will be tallied accordingly at quarter's end.

Progress Reports
Progress reports will be issued at Parent/Teacher Conferences for grading period 1 and 3, and issued to the students for period 2. Progress reports do not need to be returned. Progress reports for period 4 and eight grade diplomas will be mailed at the end of the school year if and when the family tuition account is paid.

If a student has not completed sufficient class work to earn a passing grade, he/she may receive an incomplete. Quarter incompletes must be removed within the next 2 week period or the grade automatically becomes an "F."

Honor Students
Students who maintain a 3.0 gpa without any grades falling below a “C” are classified as an honor student.  High honor roll students maintain a gpa of 3.75 without any grades falling below a "C".  The honor roll/high honor roll will be posted for students in grades 3-10 at grade time.

Parent / Student / Teacher Conferences
Twice each year a special opportunity is given for the parent and student to confer with the teacher in regard to the progress of the student. The hours scheduled for these conferences are from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. and in the evening from 4:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Either the parent or the teacher may schedule conferences at other times if the need is felt. It is our aim to keep the lines of communication open at all times.