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YACS policy is to keep your child home if any of these are present: Your child should have a normal temperature, without taking any medication, for 24 hours before coming back to school.

First Aid and Medication
             All Yakima Adventist Christian School staff is trained and certified in First Aid and CPR.  Unless there is an accident or sickness requiring immediate emergency action, only minimal first aid will be provided. 
             The only conditions under which school personnel may administer any medication (including aspirin and cough drops) are as follows:
1. If students are required to take any medication (prescription or over-the-counter) during the regular school day, it will be allowed with and the assistance of designated school personnel if the school receives a completed  Medication Administration Form.
2. In most cases the school does not permit self-administration of drugs by students, whether prescription or not. In cases of life threatening disorders (i.e. diabetes, asthma, allergies, etc.) the parent must fill out a Medication Administration Form at the beginning of each year or when it becomes necessary. (Please discuss this with the office.)   
3.  No medication will be given for more than 15 consecutive days without written, current, and unexpired instructions from a licensed health professional.
 4.  All medication must be delivered to the school in the original container bearing the original label. If the medication is prescribed by a doctor, the label must contain the name and place of business of the seller, the serial number and date of such prescription, the name of the person for whom such drug is prescribed, the name of the member of the medical profession who prescribed the drug and must bear directions for use as prescribed by the physician. Medications will be kept in a secured area.
Special Medical Status
          If your child has a special medical condition such as diabetes, asthma, serious food or insect allergies please discuss this with the office and the teacher before school begins. The Special Medical Information For School Form must be signed and on file at the school before the student begins class.
Insurance Coverage
The coverage is limited to injuries sustained during participation in authorized school activities during the term of the policy.  If within 90 days, the student incurs medical expenses in connection with an accident, benefits will be provided according to insurance company policy for reasonable medical expenses, which are furnished within 52 weeks of the accident. This coverage will pay up to the first $500 of covered expenses regardless of any other valid or collectible insurance. Anything over $500 is to be submitted to one's personal insurance.

Reporting an Insurance Claim
1.   Report the accident to the principal as soon as possible after the accident.
2.   Complete all information in "Parent's Section" of the insurance forms.
3.   Take form to doctor or dentist for completion.
4.   RETURN THE COMPLETED FORM and all itemized bills directly to the school office. The secretary will copy and mail the claim to the Insurance Company.

~Revised 2012