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           There is a direct relationship between dress, grooming, conduct, and success in school. The Yakima Adventist Christian School Dress Code policy is designed to help students be successful by having them dress with modesty, neatness, and in a way to not distract others.
           Clothing must fit appropriately and allow for free movement, should not have holes, rips, or paint. All under garments should be covered. These requirements are expected of all students.

• Shirts should have collars.
• Shirts should have no writing or iconic images (TV, movies, bands, etc.)
• Shirts must be long enough to cover the midriff when arms are raised and modest at all times.
• Shirts should not be sleeveless, sheer, or low cut and should be appropriately buttoned.

• Pants/jeans/skirts should not be distressed, ripped, frayed, or faded.
• Pants must be appropriately proportioned (fit at the waist, not be too tight or excessively baggy).
• Leggings are treated just like legs. That means that dresses, shorts, or skirts still have to cover the same amount of legging- covered thigh as bare thigh.
• Hem length (pants/dresses/skirts) and slits in sides, front, or back, may not extend more than 2 inches above the top of the kneecap.  Dresses do not have to have collars but do have to have sleeves or be worn under or over somethinig with sleeves.
 Basketball shorts or other athletic wear are appropriate for PE only.
Outerwear for the Classroom
• Outerwear should be plain or with small trademark logo only; no images or graphics.
• All garments worn under outerwear (blazers, sweaters, vests, etc.) Must meet YACS dress code.
Other Requirements
• Hats/caps are allowed outside, but are not to be worn inside the building.
•.Hair is to be kept clean, trimmed, out of the eyes, and of a natural color. Hair should not attract undue attention.
•.Make-up is to be natural and in good taste.  Natural tone fingernail and toenail polish may be worn.
• ‚ÄčNon-marking shoes are to be worn at all times in the school building. 
 Sandals may be worn if they stay securely on the foot. Flip flops are not acceptable footwear for school.
• Jewelry (rings, bracelets, chains, earrings, and necklaces) is not allowed at YACS.
7-10 Grade PE Attire
• Gym wear is to be worn for PE Class only. 
• Shirts must have sleeves, be loose-fitting and cover the midriff when arms are fully raised. 
• Modest shorts, athletic pants, or sweatpants are appropriate for PE.
• It is recommended that 7-10 grade students have a small lock (shackle <¼”) for the PE bins.
 When in doubt -- Ask before wearing!

Any issues not covered in this policy will be interpreted by the administration.

Students not dressed according to this policy will be sent to the office and asked to call home for a change of clothing.