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Yakima Adventist Christian School was established by the Yakima Seventh-day Adventist Church and is now operated jointly by the Fairview, Selah, and Yakima Seventh-day Adventist Churches.

Yakima Adventist Christian School is established to provide a Christ-centered curriculum that will promote the physical, mental, and spiritual development of its students. Because we believe our ultimate purpose is to love and serve God and our fellow man, our school endeavors to provide a nondiscriminatory environment, promoting growth in spiritual ideas, as well as intellectual achievement.

Many children today are confused by the breakdown in moral values evidenced around them. The task of providing guidance along with Christian standards must be shared by the home, the church, and the school.  These three agencies should work together to encourage the student to develop a strong Christian character so they may be ready to meet the challenges in the world today.

Because attitudes and other covert behavior are often detrimental to school atmosphere, they may be the basis for dismissal.  Therefore, specific charges of misconduct may or may not accompany the request for dismissal.

Morning Arrival and Afternoon Dismissal
Since the insurance of our students is only valid when a teacher is in a supervisory capacity, the following regulation will be noted:
1.   Children should not arrive before 7:45 a.m.
2.   Children are not allowed on the playground before school in the morning or after dismissal. Supervision of the children on the campus ends 30 minutes after dismissal.
3.   Children should be picked up and be off the premises by 3:30 p.m.  Students in intramurals should be picked up by 4:30 p.m.
4.   Children not picked up promptly are to go to a designated room for supervision and will be charged the following rate per child: 3:30 - on = $5.00 per hour (for kindergarten and on Fridays charge begins at 12:30)
5.   Appropriate times and charges will apply for early dismissals.

Parents and others who are interested in the program of the school are welcome to visit the school. All visitors should get approval from the principal before their planned visit.  Upon arrival, all visitors are to report to the school office. They will be conducted to the classroom they desire to visit.

The administration encourages parents and students interested in attending Yakima Adventist Christian School, to plan to attend the school’s annual Education Day, scheduled in the Spring of each year.  Other testing and visitation days will be arranged at the convenience of the teachers.

Students are not permitted to visit school unless previous arrangements are made with the teacher and the principal. Students wishing to visit the school should get permission from the principal and classroom teacher the day before the anticipated visit.  With permission, students may be allowed to visit school during lunch.  To avoid classroom disruptions, no visits will be allowed during school classes.  

Computer Use
Students in all classrooms will have access to computers.  To insure student safety, please be aware of the following:
1. Students will be instructed on the proper use of school hardware and software.
2. There is not to be any food or drink in the computer lab at any time.
3. Students are not to use any computer without permission from their teacher.
4. Students in the Computer Lab must have a supervisor present.
5. No programs from home are to be used or installed on school computers
6. School disks are not to be used on student home computers. Disks are not to be brought from home to use on school computers.

School Internet Rules
Students are responsible for good behavior on school computer networks just as they are in the classroom or the school hallway. Generally, the computer is provided for students to conduct research.  Communication on the Internet is often public in nature.

All computer use will be screened. Monitoring software has been installed on all school computers to aid in this process.
1.   Food or drink is not allowed in the computer lab or on computer tables in the classroom.
2.   Computer screens, directories, programs, etc. are not to be changed.
3.   Misconduct will result in suspension from computer use.

As outlined in the “Citizenship” section of the Handbook the following behaviors are not permitted on school computers.
1.   Sending or displaying offensive messages
2.   Using obscene language
3.   Harassing, insulting, or attacking others
4.   Damaging computers, computer systems, or computer networks
5.   Violating copyright laws
6.   Intentionally wasting limited resources
7.   Employing the computers for commercial purposes

Access to the Internet is given to students who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner.  Parent permission is required.

Students in grades 7-10 will be assigned a school e-mail account.  Access is a privilege - not a right. Access requires responsibility.  Violations may result in loss of access as well as other disciplinary or legal action.

Closed Campus
YACS operates as a "Closed Campus."  Students shall bring and eat their lunches in their classrooms. In case of an emergency, where students must leave school grounds during school hours, only parents or previously arranged persons will be permitted to pick them up. Whenever any students leaves the school during school hours he/she must notify the principal and homeroom teacher.

Radios, recorders, tapes, cassette players, cassettes, CD’s, CD players, hand held electronics, DVD’s or other electronic games or devices are not to be used at school.  Cell phones may be used after school hours.  Unauthorized audiotronics will be confiscated and returned at the discretion of the teacher or principal.  Teachers reserve the right to evaluate written material brought on campus. 

Motor Vehicles
Students are expected to show maturity in operating automobiles. Students driving motorized vehicles to and from school must observe the following regulations.
1.   Vehicles are not to be used during school hours, except by written permission from parents and approval by the principal.
2.   A student may not borrow another student’s car.
3.   No student driver may take student passengers without written consent from both parents of the driver and passenger.
4.   Students are not to sit in cars for visiting or studying during school hours.

Bicycles and Skateboards
Bicycles and skateboards are to be parked in the designated area during school hours. Bicycles and skateboards are not to be ridden on school grounds.

Physical Education -- Gym
1. All students are to enter the gym only when a supervisor is present.
2. Non-marking shoes are to be worn in the gym for play.
3. Play equipment is to be supplied by each group using the gym.  --THINK--Take no unnecessary risks--ALWAYS PLAY SAFELY!!

Extracurricular Policy
Participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege.  It is expected that students who wish to take advantage of this privilege maintain at least a C average with no D’s, F’s, or I’s.  If such an academic standard is not met, students may be asked not to participate in extracurricular activities until the academic minimum is met.

Use of the Telephones
The school telephone is provided for school business only and is not to be used by the students, except in emergencies. Parents finding it necessary to call the school for either their child or a member of the faculty should call before or after school, except in the case of an emergency. Messages phoned to the school will be delivered as soon as possible.

Weeks of Prayer
There will be two scheduled Weeks of Prayer.

The school’s annual, The Mountain Breezes, is prepared, edited, and produced by students under faculty supervision.

Home and School
A representation from each of the constituent churches comprises the Home and School Committee. This committee is similar to the PTA in that it works to bring together the home and school.

YACS has annual Christmas, Sacred, and Spring Programs.  Participation in these programs is required. There may also be programs at area churches that are required of band and/or choir students.