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Teacher Commitment
          As a teacher at YACS I am in complete agreement with the mission statement and agree with the school rules.
          I have dedicated my life to Jesus Christ, and I agree to maintain a personal relationship with Christ so that I may effectively minister to the students.
          Because my body is the temple of God, I will practice living a healthful lifestyle and dedicate myself for service to others.
          I will seek to build positive personal relationships with my fellow staff, students, parents, and all others I work with.  I will also keep open communication with parents and administration.  If a disagreement occurs, I will follow the principle outlined in Matthew 18 to resolve the problem.
          I will continually strive to grow professionally and will stay current with effective teaching methods.  My goal is to work in partnership with students and parents for heaven.

Student Commitment  (Students is grades K-4)
          I have heard the school mission statement and want to be more like Jesus.  I will do my best to follow school rules, cooperate with teachers, and finish all assigned work.

Student Commitment
          I have read the mission statement of the school and also wish to dedicate my life to Jesus Christ and the service of my fellow man. I understand that my body is the temple of God and I will refrain form smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, the use of drugs, or involvement in sexual activity.  I agree to follow the school rules and citizenship guidelines listed in the handbook. I acknowledge that attendance at YACS is a privilege, not a right, and can therefore be withdrawn if my behavior or attitude is not in harmony with the mission statement. I will be cooperative in my relationship with teachers and will complete all assigned work.
          I understand that an integral part of my training and education is the responsibility of my parents and that this institution merely assists parents in achieving educational goals.

Parent Commitment
          I agree that the parent is most responsible for the training and education of their child and wish to fully cooperate with the teaching staff. I have read YACS’ mission statement and agree to center Christ in my life and to demonstrate my commitment in my actions and attitudes. I agree that my child also wishes to have Christ centered in his life and will adhere to the citizenship guidelines or face possible dismissal from YACS, I understand that attendance at Yakima Adventist Christian School is a privilege and not a right.  The school reserves the right to refuse admittance and to dismiss any student in order to safeguard the scholastic, spiritual, and moral atmosphere of the school.