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Current Student Application Procedure

      1. The pre-registration form and $50 pre-registration fee must be turned in by April 30 to insure the student has a spot in the 
      2. The following must be returned by June 27.
                  -  Returning student enrollment form
                  -  Completed and signed permission sheet.
                  -  Completed and signed continuing consetn and field trip form
                  -  One half the entrance fee

      3. The following is due July 15:
                   -  Class supply, trip, and other fees. 

      4. The following is due August 8:
                    -  Updated immunization record if needed.  New Requirement: 1 dose Tdap for 6-10 grade IF student is over 11 years 
                       old AND IF it has been at least 5 years since the last DTaP, DT or Td.
                    -  Current physical examination on entering 9th grade.
                    -  Financial Plan must be finalized and approved by YACS finance committee. 
                    -  Final one-half of the entrance fees.