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The following procedures have been established to ensure that our children, volunteers, and staff are fully protected.
1. The safety of students is the first concern of Yakima Adventist Christian School.
2. Each time you volunteer, sign in and record your hours in the volunteer book located in the office.
3. Observe all school policies as outlined in the school handbook. Exhibit professionalism and high moral standards at all times while performing your duties. Remember you are a role model for the students.
4. Share any concerns you have about your assignment with your teacher or the administrator.

Guidelines for Volunteers
1. Never leave a child or group of children that you are responsible for unattended.  Provide appropriate supervision at all times.
2. Always have at least one other adult help with the supervision of childrenUNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES allow yourself to be  alone with one child.
3. Always ask a child’s permission before touching him/her anywhere, even when responding to an injury or problem. This is especially true for any area that would normally be covered by a T-shirt and/or shorts. If an injury is within this area, make sure another adult works with you as care is provided.
4.Affirm children with appropriate touching by keeping hugs brief and ‘”shoulder-to-shoulder” or "side-to-side.”  Always keep hands at, not below the shoulder level. A caregiver’s kiss should be to the forehead or cheek only. For small children who like to sit on laps, encourage them to sit next to you.
6. Provide extra care when taking small children to the restroom. Take another adult along, or leave the door open.
7. Refrain from conducting activities in rooms that do not have an interior viewing area.
8. Be aware of the signs and symptoms of child abuse. Report suspected cases to the teacher or administrator.