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Be a good ambassadorAs a volunteer, you represent the school not just ‘on the job,’ but 
     everywhere in the 
community. Help in getting the word out about the good things being done at 
     YACS. Answer questions when you can, or suggest people call the school for
     more information.  Most impor
tantly, don’t speak negatively about the school.
Be courteous and respectful. This will make the school environment more pleasant. Treat each student in every situation as an individual.

Be honest in your approach and attitude. Students will trust and respect you when they know  
     you are sincere.

Be patient when working with students. Give yourself time to get established and find your 

Be interested in the student as a person. Be sure your words and actions let the student know 
     you care.

Be consistentApply the same rules every day to every student.

Be quick to praise students frequently and honestly. Help build the students’ self-esteem. 

Be confidential in all aspects of the classroom. Keep all information between you, the 
 teacher, and school administrator.

Be punctual and reliable. You are most helpful when you can be counted on. If you are  
     unable to make it to work or will be late, please call the school office.